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Site Investigations, Permitting, and Compliance


Technology and chemistry have done wonders to advance how we live and work.  These improvements, however, come with serious responsibilities associated with the management of waste products.  Turn to AmaTerra to determine if a property you are considering for development has been managed with diligence and to effectively handle the problems that result when it hasn’t.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

 Site Characterizations

AmaTerra is experienced conducting a number of specialty studies related to environmental permitting and compliance issues.  Such studies include Pollution Prevention Plans (P3), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SW3P), above-ground storage tank integrity testing, water quality sampling, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI), Low Flow Validation,  Chlorophyll-a analyses, and others.

AmaTerra staff routinely perform projects that involve water (both surface and groundwater), soil, and sediment sampling, as well as waste characterization. Our staff has experience with preparation of Phase II ESAs, Sampling and Analysis Plans, Quality Assurance Project Plans, and Health and Safety Plans.

Our Phase I ESA projects have addressed properties ranging from from undeveloped lots to complex industrial facilities, and also include HazMat Initial Site Assessments (ISAs) for roadway projects.  As part of its ESAs, AmaTerra attempts to ground-truth all facilities identified by a database search and provides an analysis of all readily available historical documents.


AmaTerra staff conducted a site investigation on an emergency basis following the collision of two helicopters in a state park in South Texas.  Activities performed included soil sampling for the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons at the crash site using a specialized method developed by the State of Texas. The findings report for the investigation presented a rationale for natural attenuation as an acceptable remedial action which was accepted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, resulting in a significant cost savings. At the conclusion of this project, AmaTerra staff received a personal letter from the Commanding Officer of the client organization commending the timely performance and a job well done!

Client:  Confidential Client
Location: Falcon State Park, Starr County, Texas
Take-Away: Timely emergency response in a sensitive location.
Helicopter Accident Site Phase II

We have successfully completed compliance projects in multiple states including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. One intensive Phase I ESA project involved assessment of RECs at 61 facilities in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana. To see some of our past work experience in Site Investigations, Permitting, and Compliance keep scrolling...

Impromptu memorial and fuel spill at helicopter crash site.
Pollution Prevention Plans for Randolph and Lackland AFBs
Client: PIKA-PIRNIE; US Department of Defense
Location: Randolph and Lackland Air Force Bases, Bexar County, Texas
Take-Away: Thorough compliance of Air Force programs with Federal and State regulations. 

AmaTerra staff provided technical assistance to Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases for the development of their Pollution Prevention Management Plans. These plans established goals and awareness procedures to comply with Federal and State laws for the management of hazardous and other regulated wastes.  Baseline data were collected for specific chemicals resulting from annual quantities procured for the base.  The plans contained a listing of P3 projects for each program element and described the relationship among the policy goals, baselines, requirements, benefits, and costs.

Celebrated Building 100 (the “Taj Mahal”) and missing man monument at Randolph Air Force Base.


Our staff has decades of experience in site investigations, permitting, and compliance projects.    We have degreed chemists and environmental scientists on staff who have assisted a variety of public and private clients in identifying Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs).   

Regardless of the region, the property size, or the potential constraints, AmaTerra can work effectively with you to identify and address a broad range of environmental concerns.



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