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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Inland Fisheries Division Awards AmaTerra with Desktop Cul

AmaTerra is thrilled with the opportunity to assist TPWD in their efforts to improve habitat in at least five lakes across the State of Texas. This predictive modeling effort will rely heavily on AmaTerra's archaeological and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise as we provide TPWD with digital cultural resource modeling of high and low probability areas on the shoreline and on submerged landforms that were dry land in historic and prehistoric times.

AmaTerra welcomes Deborah Dobson-Brown to its Historic Resources Program

Deborah Dobson-Brown joins AmaTerra Environmental, Inc. as the Historic Structures Program Manager and will also serve as a Senior Architectural Historian. Deborah brings 30 years of architectural history, historic preservation management, and expert witness testimony experience to the company. She has completed more than 800 Section 106 and NEPA projects in multiple states, documented more than 8,000 state inventory forms, and prepared numerous CRMPs and HABS/HAER documentations, including large format photography.

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