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The City of Austin's Historic Cemetery Master Plan Project Wins TWO MORE Awards!

We don't want to brag or anything but having a project be recognized by two different organizations and receiving two awards in as many weeks is pretty nifty stuff! The City of Austin's Historic Cemetery Master Plan project has done just that, winning the Project Plan Award from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Planning & Preservation of Cultural Landscape from Preservation Austin.

Morning sunrise at Austin's Plummers Cemetery, Austin, Texas

The City of Austin's Historic Cemetery Master Plan was a multi-year effort by Austin's Parks and Recreation Department to assess the condition of its five historic cemeteries: Oakwood Cemetery and Oakwood Cemetery Annex, Evergreen Cemetery, Plummers Cemetery, and Austin Memorial Park, to gather feedback from the public on areas of concern and ideas for enhancing their use, and to plan for the cemeteries' management into the future. As the project manager for the Master Plan Development project, AmaTerra representatives will be attending both and will take the stage as part of the award winning team.

1898 Celtic Cross Monument in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

These will mark the second and third awards for the Cemetery Master Plan with Preservation Texas presenting the team with the Honor Award back in February.

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