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AmaTerra Architectural Historian Featured on Headwaters at the Comal Promotional Video

Some of you may know that we've been working the Headwaters at the Comal project on the northern outskirts of New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas for a little while now. It's been such an interesting and exciting effort all around. Our archeologists and architectural historians have been hard at work helping the Headwaters team identify and assess the location's cultural heritage.

A significant component of that heritage comes from the historic period which was recently summarized beautifully by AmaTerra staff architectural historian, Kurt Korfmacher, who was the the expert for the Headwaters' most recent promotional video. Focusing on the site's historical development, Kurt covers everything from farming to the City's first public water supply to floods and fish rearing ponds. It's quite a story! Take a look!

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