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A One in a Million Find in the Pineywoods...

During a recent archaeological survey in the Pineywoods region of east Texas (conducted on behalf of the US Army Corps of Engineers), AmaTerra archaeologist, Dan Rose, unearthed a singular find... in two parts. In a one-in-a-million shovel test, Dan found two stone axe blades stacked together in a cache (seriously, we need to make sure he buys a lottery ticket or two...).

Axe blades stacked as they were in shovel test.

The axe blades, dating to the middle- to late-Archaic (roughly 5000-500 B.C.) exhibit a sharp blade and a definite heft for cutting down trees.

Lower axe blade triview
Upper axe blade triview

Given such a unique find, AmaTerra created silicone molds and cast replicas in epoxy and plastic. See some photos of the final product. Neat stuff!

Side-by-side comparison of original artifacts and cast
Side-by-side comparison of original artifacts and cast


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