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It's a Spaghetti Cook-off!

The Pandemic didn't slow us down enough to keep us from competing in a company-wide spaghetti cook-off! Even our face masks couldn't hide the incredible aromas swirling through the kitchen and sifting into each office. Then when the smell of warmed garlic bread hit you, you knew it was time to eat. We had six entries in this wonderful competition ... ranging from delectable meatballs and spicy spaghetti sauces to pesto noodles and a unique lemon spaghetti dish


And then we had to VOTE! Talk about difficult! It was close all around but the winners proudly displayed their meatball trophies. (L-R) Mason (2nd place), Nancy (1st place), and Cherise and Kurt (tied for 3rd) ... Congratulations winners and thanks to ALL the cooks!


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