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3D Modeling with the help of Stephen F. Austin's Center for Regional Heritage Research

You've seen the those nifty grooved axe blades from the recent Pineywoods survey project. We made some nice epoxy casts to preserve them in at least one way, since the artifacts themselves have to be permanently curated. We recently had a chance to take things one step further!

AmaTerra friend, Dr. Robert "Zac" Selden of Stephen F. Austin University's Center for Regional Heritage Reseach, was in Austin with his incredibly impressive 3d digital scanning system digitizing a variety of artifacts from the THC and TPWD. He graciously offered to scan our two axe blades while he was at it!

Take a look!

Here's AmaTerra archaeologist, Dan Rose, scanning one of the blades as well.

And here are the final products!

Fascinating stuff! Thank you again, Zac!

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