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AmaTerra demonstrates ancient technology at the 2016 New Mexico Archaeology Fair

May is Heritage Preservation Month in New Mexico. As part of that state-wide celebration of culture, history, and archaeology, the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division held their annual Archaeology Fair on May 7th in the Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks National Monument in the Dripping Springs Natural Area outside of Las Cruces.

AmaTerra New Mexico staff archaeologist, Matt Cuba, was invited to participate in the event demonstrating his considerable skills in flintknapping, an ancient technique of fashioning bladed tools like knives and arrow points from raw stone. As Matt showed how the process worked, he answered questions from local school children on field trips and from the general visiting public.

AmaTerra is always proud of opportunities like this to reach out to the general public and provide them with an opportunity to learn from some of our work and unique expertise.

Great job, Matt!

Matt Cuba Flint Knapping

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