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AmaTerra Cleans Up Portions of Barton Creek Greenbelt

On Saturday, members of AmaTerra Environmental and their families set to work cleaning up a part of one of Austin's most prized treasures: the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

The AmaTerra Cleanup Crew, May, 2015.

As a participant in Austin Watershed and Keep Austin Beautiful's Adopt a Creek program, AmaTerra recently adopted a roughly quarter-mile segment of the Barton Creek Greenbelt from the bottom of the Hill of Life to the Sculpture Gardens falls and went to work picking up trash along the trail. We love this City and welcomed the chance to help keep it clean and beautiful for all the park visitors.

Panoramic view of the Sculpture Gardens falls.

AmaTerra archaeologist, Rachel Feit, looks for trash in Barton Creek.

We were especially tickled to hear so many, "Thank Yous" from passers-by as we filled our bags. And, as a testament to how much people enjoy this park, we really didn't have to pick up very much! Good job, Austin!

Staff archaeologist, Mason Miller, looks for garbage while his son looks for bugs.

We plan to be out there again every few months to keep this trail clean. We're going to be at this at least for the next two years as well, so chances are that you'll see us on occasion. So if you're ever out hiking or mountain biking or swimming at the falls, be sure to check out AmaTerra's segment and enjoy!

Archaeologist, Drew Sitters, the organizer of this event collects some trash just south of the Sculpture Gardens.

All around, a great day!

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