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Peering Through the Sands of Time; AmaTerra and TxDOT's first digital publication...

AmaTerra is thrilled to announce that their first entirely digital publication, "Peering Through the Sands of Time: The Archeology of the Caddo at the Kitchen Branch Site (41CP220) in East Texas" has been published online for free download through Apple's iTunes and Google's Play stores.

Working on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation, AmaTerra worked with state agencies like TxDOT and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, staff archeologists,and teaming partners to develop this new avenue in public engagement and outreach for archeological projects.

See some excerpts of the report below:


"Peering Through the Sands of Time," utilizes the latest in digital publishing technology to bring the reader into the history of the Caddo and those who lived on the Kitchen Branch site in Camp County, Texas roughly 600 years ago. With an attractive visual layout, interactive images and slideshows, and three dimensional models (on the iBooks version), AmaTerra hopes this will provide new opportunities for the public to learn about archaeology and the important aspects of everyone's collective heritage that are studied on these publicly-funded projects.

Feel free to check it out yourself, it's a free download!

The Apple and Mac Platform carries the maximum interactivity for the reader. On your iPad and/or Mac (the platform that allows maximum interactivity) click here.

On your Android device, you can access a static PDF by clicking here.

And, of course, if you do check it out and like it, leave a review!

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