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AmaTerra completes their first Work Authorization under TxDOT's Statewide Environmental Services

AmaTerra biology staff completed their first Work Authorization under their new Statewide Biological Services contract through the Texas Department of Transportation: a mussel identification and relocation survey required for replacement/expansion of the FM 485 Bridge across the Little Brazos River near Bryan, Texas.

Teaming with subconsultants from Freese and Nichols, Inc, AmaTerra divers pulled 485 live mussels, representing 10 species, from the river bottom and relocated them in a locale upstream that will not be impacted by construction. Species included (among others) yellow sandshell (Lampsilis teres), threeridge (Amblema plicata), smooth pimpleback (Quadrula houstonensis), and Texas Lilliput (Toxolasma texasiensis).

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